An interesting tidbit

This comes from the Los Angeles County Grand Jury report of 2007-08:

According to information contained in interoffice correspondence between senior

Sheriff’s Department managers, there are more than 19,000 inmates currently in the

county jail system, 90% of whom are not serving sentences, but are instead awaiting

trial or in custody for other reasons. As of February 2008, the total combined dollar

amount in the inmate trust accounts was $1,151,379. These funds accrue interest in the

County General Fund; none of the interest is earmarked for return to the Sheriff’s

Department. In February 2008, there were six inmates who had a balance of more than

$5,000 in their accounts. Although none had any known gang affiliations, one was a

“confirmed hit man for the …mafia,” and two other inmates were arrested for separate

robberies (one in December 2003, with $7,212 in his possession, and the other in

March 2007, with $6,623 in his state prison account that was transferred to IRC at the

county jail). Apparently, although these arrestees were booked for robbery, no one

questioned the legitimacy of these funds, which were credited to each inmate’s account.

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