Body found in car with parking ticket on window*

This story from Pico Rivera comes via the wire services. I’ll post an update later:

The L-A County coroner’s office plans perform an autopsy on the body of a man
who was found in the driver’s seat of a parked car in an un-incorporated area
near Pico Rivera. The body was discovered at Rooks Road and Peck
Roads last night. A parking citation had been left on the car.

*Here’s what KCBS/KCAL is reporting:

Employees at a nearby truck repair shop said the car — a 1980s four-door Lincoln — had been parked there all day, and, at some point, someone placed a parking ticket on the vehicle’s door.

A worker said firefighters who responded couldn’t believe that someone had issued the citation without noticing the deceased man.


5 thoughts on “Body found in car with parking ticket on window*

  1. I think the police may be responsible, because we all know —global, national and local histories have demonstrated that the people who do the policing need policing the most. Or maybe it was old white ladies who always escape suspicion and are never suspects in these types of cases.

    I will be provding more of my insight and intellect to biased blog.

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