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I love listening to Coast to Coast AM when I’m out late. There’s always some interesting discussion (usually kooky) but hey as PT Barnum said …

Anyway, I noticed the show has linked to Tuesday’s Column about Oregon psychic Beyona Queen and the investigation into the death of Pasadena police Lt. David Richter. It’s one of their “hot stories of the day.”

Thanks Art Bell or George Noory, or whoever is hosting now.

After reading the site, I decided to search Beyona Queen on Google and low and behold I found this:


Murder Wu Litou a medium ghost Fu Shen 

Palestinian police officers in a medium bizarre murder case not simple

The police sometimes do desperate case, will ask a medium (psychic) to give guidance clues, and Buxi Qi
But from a medium that the deceased jumped out to find dissatisfaction with the handling cases on their own, a little bit like a television soap opera. Pasadena Now, Pasadena (Pasadena) police station on a fresh face such things.

Beyona QueenDavid Richterjumped out to the living in Oregon (Oregon), of a medium Biou Na Kunen (Beyona Queen), she has never seen strange death of Pasadena police officer David Lee Che (David Richter) .

It’s all there in the World Journal Daily’s coverage of Los Angeles. Here’s a link to the full translated story. Enjoy.

P.S. I especially like how Pasadena became Palestine in the translation!

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  • Timothy Rutt – Altadenablog

    I love Coast-to-Coast, too. My favorite story was when Art Bell came on one night, said his planned guest Whitley Streiber called before airtime to say his wife had just collapsed.

    An hour or so into the program, Whitley calls on his cellphone — they’re at the Kaiser Sunset ER, being totally ignored.

    An hour after that, Whitley calls again — right after he made his previous phone call, medical staff descended on them and worked his wife up. Seems a lot of the overnight shift at Kaiser Sunset listen to Coast-to-Coast.

    I often relate this story to my wife, a Kaiser doctor who hates Coast-to-Coast.

  • APC

    Coast-to Coast rules. I really wish Art Bell would reclaim the throne however. Norry is okay, but Bell just has that voice.