• The Commish

    I hear everything, but I can’t see anything

  • frazgo

    Sounds like a good idea and something with a lot of live coverage potential. Pic is better than most images one gets streamed but the sound quality leaves some to be desired, kind of garbled.

  • almost skimming vic

    I wanna let everybody know that at the shell on 630 w bonita in san dimas ca.There is a clerk scanning cards.I noticed when he swiped my card twice and i brought to his attn and he denied.But seeing what been on crime scene i know this guys was doing it so i told him to cancel my tran and i never entered my pin and just walked out but i did yell at him.So i reported it to san dimas sheriffs they took a report but since there was no crime they could not do anything i am so pissed cause my hands are tyed but am sure there is more vics who dont know yet plz spread the word…..

  • former sales clerk

    Credit cards don’t always go through on the first swipe. Sometimes clerks have to swipe them more than once or enter in the number manually in order for the machine to read the card. So that person was not necessarily trying to swindle you.

  • Anonymous

    The first swipe was on a little black device which wasn’t connected to any CPU sitting on top of countertop second swipe was on a white card swipe which was connected to CPU explain this?

  • Krista Barrett

    I am trying to report a gas station, Covina Petroleum at 15955 San Bernardino Rd, Covina (corner of Irwindale and San Bernardino) where I believe my card was skimmed on July 5. I lost $300. The sheriff at Temple City station did not want to take a report because he said the DA would not prosecute. They referred me to Covina PD. Covina PD said it was the sheriff’s jurisdiction and sent me to LaVerne station. LaVerne sent me back to Temple City. There is someone at Monrovia PD working on this for Monrovia citizens, Officer Manfredi. I left a message on his voice mail because he is out until August 11.

    BTW, I did not go into the office to have my card swiped. It was swiped at the pump. This type of skimming scam happened at the Arco station on Santa Anita in El Monte (near the bus station) last year and people were scammed to the tune of $72,000. Supposedly the gas station was not involved. A device put on a gas pump and yet the gas station doesn’t know about it seems unlikely to me.


  • Two Swipe

    Well now that you explain the two swipes on two different card readers, your story is now understood.

    You should go back and take a picture of the clerk and post it on YouTube for a little “justice”.

    Also have someone else go in and take a picture of the two credit card readers, and then call store owners.

  • Admiring admirer

    Tanya is a star

  • almost a vic

    update I called shell Corp and they asked me to call that shell station for an apology from manager. The manager explained to me that the clerk which was there was covering someone elses shift. The clerk works at the la Verne shell and would not be coming back to San dimas.So this clerk is in la Verne beware to all he’s still out there still skimming cards what a creep…

  • http://www.altadenablog.com TImothy Rutt

    Well, I have a face for radio and a voice for print, myself — but where do you go to scratch that itch? How do you roll your eyes at the reporter across the room when the crazy guy calls you again? And what about that salty reporter language?

    And what if I decide I don’t like you, so I email your supervisor accusing you of doing something hinky on camera (like, say, “creative” use of the copy machine?) You’ll both have to take time out of your day to get to the bottom of it (heh). It effectively makes the entire world your supervisor, including the trolls. Ick!

  • http://www.proctorformayor.com AP

    Somebody say “Aaron Proctor” really loud.

  • http://www.proctorformayor.com AP

    This is the worst episode of “The Office” ever. Where the hell is Dwight?

  • http://www.proctorformayor.com AP

    Yeah – hurry up and change that lead, Brian!

  • http://www.proctorformayor.com AP


  • http://www.proctorformayor.com AP

    Who’s the dude in the white shirt and jeans?

  • frazgo

    So instead of Bababooie we yell “A.P.A.P.A.Peeeee”
    Could be catch but I don’t think it will play in either peoria.