Welcome to West Covina, now clean up!

If the person who decorated this wall on Orange Avenue in West Covina gets caught, he or she will be responsible for the clean up, according to a law signed by Gov. Arnold Wednesday.  This from LAist:

13196-wc13-thumb-300x300.jpgWhen a tagger gets sentenced, it’s up to the judge whether or not being on a clean up crew is part of the punishment or not. Soon, it will be mandatory after Governor Schwarzenegger signed some new graffiti legislation sponsored by Los Angeles that forces part of their punishment to be cleaning graffiti. City officials say graffiti has increased significantly in the past few years, from “25 million square feet of graffiti-stained surfaces in 2005 to 31.7 million in the year that ended June 30,”

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  • http://www.westcovinacriminaldefenselawyer.com George

    The Judge not the governor should decide whether to make someone clean up their graffiti. This should be on a case by case basis taking into consideration the safety issues, the neighborhood etc. Unfortunately too many people are being put in danger for graffiti removal.

  • Jack Ass

    We know how the corrupt cops want you to think the WC-13 tag is by a latino gang, but I recognize that tag, it’s by a gang called White Chicks, yes that is right old white ladies, the corrupt cops and media don’t want you to know about the old white chicks gang.

  • Rampart

    You mean those poor taggers’ identities are revealed when they have to clean up their vandalism? How sad. They put themselves in danger while tagging somebody else’s property, but then get to retain their identity when they are caught. I see the dilemma…the vandal’s party is over.

    How about the taggers get to wear face masks while they clean up their mess, BUT they have to stand against the wall as their graffiti is sandblasted off!

    How are offenders prosecuted in other countries? What would happen in Mexico? Remember the poor white kid in Malaysia who was prosecuted for vandalism? Poor guy… His punishment: caning. Why do you think that city is so clean!

    Maybe capital punishment is not necessary, but perhaps a bit of shame is necessary. I believe drunk drivers in some states have their names published in local papers as having been convicted of drunk driving. That ad can run for several weeks. The results speak for themselves.

  • Mike

    Yeah, that’s it – the White Chicks gang. The raciss media won’t tell you that, because they be raciss.

    Seriously, I’m old enough to remember the days when California was still predominantly white and you never saw this stuff. By the way – don’t try to stop the taggers in the act; those swine have been known to kill people.

  • Jules

    Every race of people has groups they identify with. Their are taggers in every gang in every race and culture. Even bored white rich kids have little cliques they call gangs and they go out and look for ways to rebel and tagging happens to be one of them. And if it is actually an established gang of people they’re doing it for territory etc because it’s just what they do, and most of the time it’s the young members who go out and tag the streets. So Mike you’re an asshole, and thank god california isn’t predominantly white, so I hardly run into know it all crackers like you.

  • Tommy

    V West Covina X3 has some ugly placiasos.

  • xXx

    These “Gaysters” live off of orange ave near Monte Vista Elementary

  • Keith P.

    These scumbags would not cleaning up anything. The best thing California needs to do is decapitated all their useless hands. If ACLU and their parents are trying stop, they should get the same treatments … for being protecting bunch of scumbags and raising these low life.