Federale arrested in West Covina

Federal drug agents have arrested a chief of police from Mexico in connection with a drug investigation in Los Angeles County, officials said. Its an interesting place to make such an arrest…here’s the story as it stands from the wires:

Two men believed to be members of the Agencia Federal de Investigacion
— the Mexican federal police — are due to be arraigned this afternoon in Los
Angeles on charges of possessing an estimated $500,000 as part of a narcotics
Victor Manuel Juarez, 36, and Carlos Cepano Filippini, 34, were arrested
Wednesday, along with two other people, at a home in West Covina.
They were taken into custody by a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration task force
as part of an ongoing investigation, according to the Los Angeles County District
Attorney’s Office.

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  • John

    Is ANYONE surprised at this?

  • Anonymous

    I noted in the print article that they face up to 4 years in prison. Corrupt drug dealing cops should face life in prison (and if they are US cops, forfeit pensions and benefits as well).

  • sanctuary stupidity

    Drug cartel controlled mexican cops in Covina and daylight mexican gang shootings in Pico Rivera. Seems like California is becoming a Tijuana del Norte. How you like that diversity now?

  • Rampart

    Good thing this did not happen in a sanctuary city like San Francisco or LA. These guys would be welcomed with open arms and receive a care package paid for by the taxpayers.

    I hope that one day soon all citizens of the U.S. (no matter what color or where our parents or grandparents are from) realize that we are all neighbors and need to start taking care of each other. That means Americans come first. Again, no color distinction. Local Mayors should not be allowed to appease certain agendas that violate Federal and State laws like they do in SF and LA.

    Furthermore, we need to conduct ourselves to restore and preserve the quality of living that attracted so many immigrants to come here in the first place. We can’t allow our standards to revert to the depressed standards of living and ethics found in the corrupt cities that many of us fled to seek greener pastures here in the USA!