Big gun with a big gun*


Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich Monday posed with an AR-15 confiscated in a raid by LAPD officers in the 77th Street Precinct.

The gun, and several others were seized as part of the county’s DISARM program, officials said.

Reporter Brian Day attended an Antonovich press conference downtown Monday morning, but had some difficulty getting answers to a couple of key questions.

Like, why does Antonovich care about stuff that happens outside the Fifth *Supervisorial district?

How many guns of this caliber have been seized in the San Gabriel Valley?

Unfortunately he didn’t get answers to those questions. Just a nice photo of Antonovich with a ton of guns.

*I’ve corrected this post. As Tony Bell points out below, Supervisor Mike Antonovich represents the Fifth Supervisoral District. My bad. The rest stands. Officials told Brian the guns came from the 77th Precinct, which is outside the Fifth District.

I would still like to know how much of the money and guns that were seized as part of DISARM came from the San Gabriel Valley?

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  • R. Vest

    I really wish Mikey would pay more attention to his own district (other than having things named after him!) [Aren’t you supposed to be dead to have… oh, say hiking trails, public pools, etc., named after you??).
    Our neighborhood is about to post banners proclaiming “The Michael D. Antonovich Memorial Neglected Neighborhood”. Here in Charter Oak we are constantly dealing with Section 8 housing on our border with Covina. They bring their trash, their abandoned autos (how many cars can you have and still qualify???) The maintenance people from Cienega Gardens even push the abandoned shopping carts across the street into our neighborhood.
    It is a shame.

  • AP

    We’ve got a 947 making a 930…ACFA

  • Bob N.

    If you have any concerns about Section 8 housing in your neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Our office, the Los Angeles County Housing Authority, investigates complaints regarding homes subsidized by the Section 8 program. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can call our office at (323) 890-7487. Supervisor Antonovich supports our enforcement efforts and we would like to address your concerns.

  • mike alerich

    If Brian Day can’t get a straight somethings wrong!

    Can you publish Supervisor A. e-mail address and I’ll be one of the first to start asking questions.
    I’m pretty sure I help pay his salary, buy the way , What is his TOTAL compensation per month,salary, health, vehicle, credit card etc etc…. the whole ball of wax?.

  • Tony Bell

    First, Supervisor Antonovich represents the FIFTH Supervisorial District.

    Second, the AR-15 he’s holding was NOT confiscated “in a raid by LAPD officers in the 77th Street Precinct.” DISARM is a County program Supervisor Antonovich initiated that pairs Probation Officers with local law enforcement in the Fifth District and across the county to search probationers that have gun violations and confiscate their illegal weapons, drugs and drug money.

    Third, reporter Brian Day attended the press conference downtown Monday morning, but DID NOT have “some difficulty getting answers to a couple of key questions” — because HE DIDN’T ASK ANY QUESTIONS.

    We are more than happy to answer any questions about this program or any other. Feel free to call me directly at 213-974-5555.

    Tony Bell
    Deputy to Supervisor Antonovich

  • AP


  • AP

    Asterisks don’t take you out of the Ham & Egger Award running.

    But you’re ok this week – with Steve Madison being a general douche at Council last night.

  • Jack Ass

    I wonder if the corrupt police used illegal search and seizure procedures to bust into the homes of innocent people and seize their property.

    Why don’t we read about seizures of guns in the homes of upper middle class white people, well I will tell why. It’s because the police always profile young latinos with shave heads, large white tee-shirts, kaki pants and tattos, and never the old white ladies.

    I am sure these guns were purchased legally for use on deer hunting trips. As usual the police are the ones who have proved throughout history they need the policing.

  • AP

    You should do an article about the awesomeness of Santino Marrella.

  • Brian Day

    In response to Tony Bell:

    Deputy Probation Officer Chong, who attended the conference and is assigned to the 77th Precinct, told me all of the weapons on display were from the 77th.

    If this is incorrect and the weapons came from another area, please fill me in.

    Secondly, though I did not publicly question Supervisor Antonivich at the conference, as I spent my time interviewing the deputy probation officers present at the conference after Supervisor Antonovich’s presentation, I did speak to Tony Bell himself by telephone shortly after the conference and asked him about DISARM’s local connections.

    “Unfortunately, they don’t keep geographical statistics,” Bell told me, so he explained he was unable to tell me what sort of impact DISARM has had in a San Gabriel Valley nieghborhoods.

    It’s correct that this question was not asked AT THE PRESS CONFERENCE, but it certainly was asked Monday and not answered.

    He said he would look into the matter and call me back after trying to find out about any recent DISARM activity in the San Gabriel Valley. He did not.

    Fortunately, local sheriff’s officials were able to provide some insight into DISARM’s local activities, particularly in the Monrovia-Duarte area.

  • mike alerich

    Sounds fair to me…..Now, what is his Total monthly compensation, while you’re at how about Mr. Bell’s package?, I’m curious since I help pay the tab.