Another Rockefeller timeline

1961: Christian Gerhartstreider born in Bavaria, West Germany, Alexander Geihartstreider, who claims to be his brother, told the Boston Globe.
1980-81: Christian Gerhart Reiter turns up in Berlin, Conn. as a German exchange student with the Savio family, according to the Associated Press. He attends high school there and ends up living with a teacher named Christopher Chichester.
1981-82: Christian Gerhartstreider moves to Elm Grove, Wis., and marries Amy Jersild, 22, in a civil ceremony at the Dane County courthouse in Madison, according to public records and a sister of Jersild.
1982-83: Christopher Chichester appears in San Marino and South Pasadena, as the host of a weekly public access television show broadcast on local cable, according to Don Appleby, with Time Warner Cable in South Pasadena.
1984-85: Chichester moves into a cottage in the back of the San Marino residence of Didi Sohus, her son John and his wife Linda.
Feb. 1985: John and Linda Sohus disappear.
April 1985: Didi Sohus files a missing persons report with the San Marino Police Department.
1987-1989: Christoper Mountbatten Crowe obtains a job on Wall Street sales manager, according to various sources including blogger Don Copeland. He’s fired for not making sales.
1989: In Greenwich, Conn., Christopher Crowe attempts to sell a truck registered to John Sohus. Apparently his fingerprints match fingerprints left behind by Chichester in San Marino. Greenwhich authorities notify Los Angeles County authorities, but Chichester and the truck disappeared.
1993: Clark Rockefeller surfaces in New York and is introduced to Sandra Lynne Boss, his future wife, according to the Boston Herald.
1994: The bones of a man believed to be John Sohus are unearthed during a swimming pool excavation in San Marino. Detectives issue a bulletin seeking Chichester and identify several aliases including Christian Gerhartstreider and Christopher Mountbatten Crowe, according to the Pasadena Star-News.
1995: Clark Rockefeller marries Sandra Lynn Boss. BH
2001: Reigh “Snooks” Boss born.
2007: Boss and Rockefeller divorce in a probate hearing, during the proceedings, Rockefeller refuses to provide proof of his identity, according to Wikipedia.
July 27, 2008: Reigh Boss is abducted, according America’s Most Wanted.
August 2008: Clark Rockefeller arrested in Baltimore, extradited to Massachuttets and charged in the abduction. Detectives from Los Angeles County fly to Boston to interview him, but are rebuffed and return to Los Angeles.

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  • Sleuthy

    Let’s not call him “Rockefeller” anymore: “Fake Rockefeller” or “Crockafellah” (said with a wicked Boston accent) is appropriate.

    How about this?
    >The Bavarian Grifter, brought to you by the Letter “C”< Some points to clarify: 1979-80: Berlin CT 1985-87 ??? UNCERTAIN WHEREABOUTS 1987-89 Confirmed in Greenwich CT and NYC 1989-93 ??? UNCERTAIN WHEREABOUTS The Crockafellah tried to sell the Sohus truck in 1988 - that's when CT police ran a name-check, and found the recently-filed securities license (with a fingerprint set) that tied to "Chris Chichester" in the Sohus Case. By the time CT investigators showed up at Kidder Peabody, he was gone. Underground - where? NYC area? Nantucket?

  • AP

    1996-2000: I attended Chichester High School in Boothwyn, PA.



  • Sleuthy

    Filling in & correcting, as information becomes available.

    1978-80 : Age 17-19. Exchange student living with Roccapriore family in Meriden, CT. and the Savios of Berlin, CT.
    1980-81 : Married at Age 19; Elm Grove, WI
    1981-82 : Age 20. WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN: Minnesota?
    1982-85 : Age 21-24. Pasadena & San Marino CA. CONFIRMED.
    1985-89 : Age 24-28. NYC/Greenwich CT. CONFIRMED.
    1989-93 : Age 28-32. WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN (presumably, Northeast US)

    He may have been moving around the NY metropolitan area from 1985-93, but he also reportedly spent several off-seasons on Nantucket in the early 90s (1989-93?)

  • Sleuthy

    The Boston Globe’s Timeline graphic is less complete & less accurate than Frank’s: