Clark Rockefeller, the bones and another mystery

For most of last week, I was second guessing myself. Did the bones I’d seen at the Coroner’s consist of more than the top portion of a skull?

Those bones are likely all that remains of John Sohus. The used to reside in the basement office of Steve Dowell, a tool mark expert who examines such things over at 1104 North Mission Road.

Mystery man Clark Rockefeller is a person of interest in the disappearance of Sohus and his wife Linda. And, Sheriff’s homicide detectives would like to talk to him about the bones and a possible murder at the Sohus home on Lorain Road in San Marino.

I read in the Boston Herald that when the skeleton was recovered it had been trisected and placed into three plastic bags before burial. That’s when the second guessing started. Surely if that was the case there would be more than a few pieces of skull.

Fortunately, my memory was validated by Dowell and Coroner’s assistant Chief Ed Winter who assured me that those pieces are all that’s left. There’s no jaw and no teeth — thus no easy identification. Because John Sohus was adopted getting a DNA match will be difficult as well.

Winter said the rest of the remains were likely cremated several years ago to make room for other remains. In a place that handles 10,000 bodies a year, it’s not a unreasonable conclusion.

But what of the plastic bags? Of the fiberboard box or any clothes the skeleton may have had…still no answer there. Sheriff’s Lt. Paul Becker said his detectives are searching for that evidence.

Coroner’s officials are also attempting to piece together the archived file that contains an autopsy report and other findings from the scene, Winter said.

Needless to say there’s still a lot of this tale left to tell.    

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