Detectives seek killers of man who tried to stop taggers

This is a press release from Supervisor Gloria Molina’s office. It came just two days after an emotional hearing before the Supes about the deaths of Good Samaritans who try to stop graffiti vandals throughout the county:

Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina will join Lieutenant Gil Carrillo of the Sheriff’s Department Homicide Division to publicize a $25,000 reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the death of Luis Sandoval, a 71-year-old East Los Angeles resident who was shot in the abdomen after witnessing two males spray-painting graffiti on the side of a business located at the corner of East Olympic Boulevard and South Hicks Avenue. 

Mr. Sandoval had been riding his bicycle home and lived just four houses away from the scene of the crime.  Though the shooting took place on February 25, 2007, Mr. Sandoval died approximately four months later on June 13, 2007.  Authorities have since confirmed that his death was due directly to the injuries he sustained as a result of the shooting and are now asking for the public’s help to solve this homicide–the third graffiti-related killing to occur in the First District.  (Robert Whitehead of Valinda was shot and killed in March 2006 while trying to stop graffiti taggers from spray-painting his neighbor’s garage; Maria Hicks of Pico Rivera was shot and killed in August 2007 while trying to stop graffiti taggers from spray-painting a wall in her neighborhood.) 

Surviving relatives of Luis Sandoval will be available at tomorrow’s press conference for interviews and pictures of the crime scene will be on display.
“Luis Sandoval was a hard-working, retired steel worker with a large family whose only transgression was being at the wrong place at the wrong time,” Molina said.  “The anguish his death has caused his family is indescribable–and it is particularly painful to the community since it is the third graffiti-related homicide to take place in the First Supervisorial District.  It is my sincere hope that this $25,000 reward compels someone to bring information forward that will help us catch the people responsible for Luis Sandoval’s murder.”

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  • Jack Ass

    Who is really responsible for the murders of 71 year old Luis Sandoval, Robert Whitehead of Valinda and 57 year old Maria Hicks of Pico Rivera? I’ll bet the corrupt cops are going to say young latinos with shaved heads are responsible for these cowardly murders of older innocent citizens, including a grandmother. We all know that the corrupt cops are going to say young latinos with shaved heads are responsible, and of course old white ladies will escape suspicion as usual. History has shown all cops are racist and profile young latinos with shaved heads and neck tatoos for no reason what other than their racism.

  • us

    I see you tried to clean up your syntax. You failed.
    For example, in your first sentence you list the ages of Mr. Sandoval and Mrs. Hicks but failed to mention the age of Mr. Whitehead. For somebody who rehearses the same tired joke, your lack of consistency is stunning.

    But your rhetorical method has clearly prevailed and you’ve undeniably proven your point:
    1) Cops are never racist
    2) Young Blacks and Latinos with certain hair styles are always suspicious.
    3) Jokes are in short supply in the SGV.

  • Wonder Why

    I wonder why, Sr. US is the only one here who is offended by the hilarious comments of Mr Jack Ass? Does Sr. US, see Jack Ass as a reflection of himself?

  • us

    let me get this right…you rehearse, repeat AND explain your jokes? what’s next…are you gonna create user profiles to serve as a virtual laugh-track?
    you witless twit, ride a road into a monrovian rump!

  • Me

    I just came across these comments today. I personally do not find the comments by Jack Ass to be humorous. The fact is that Valinda is made up of mostly latinos. The fact is that most are hard-working, good decent people. The fact is that because most people are Latino…..Most crimes are committed by Latinos……..makes sense, right? The Police are hard working and want to solve the crime and put the real criminals behind bars where they belong. The fact is that, at least in the case of Mr. Whitehead (44 years of age) It was a latino gang that was responsible for his Murder.
    Next time you want to make a joke, remember that the people you are using in your “JOKE” have loved ones who miss them terribly! These hardworking good people that were MURDERED belonged to someone and it doesn’t matter what race the Murderers are…….they are Murderers and belong behind bars. I am sick of people accusing the Police of racial profiling. The fact is that you live in an area of Latino Gangs….they are committing crimes…….therefore the Police are looking for Latino Gang Members………..You certainly picked your name correctly.