Former Pasadena cop suspected “Polite Bandit”

From reporter Ruby Gonzales on the 211 beat in Whittier:


LA HABRA – A man arrested for allegedly robbing a La Habra bank last week is a former Pasadena police officer.

The FBI said it is also investigating if the man, 44-year-old Vincent Cantu of Whittier, could be the apologetic “Polite Bandit” who hit three local banks in 2006.

“There are similarities,” said FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller. She said the “Polite Bandit” robbed Banco Popular branches and the La Habra robbery was at a Banco Popular.

The bandit was seen with a gun during the 2006 heists and told victims he was sorry.

18 thoughts on “Former Pasadena cop suspected “Polite Bandit”

  1. In over 30 years in bank security I have never heard of a serial, armed bank robber having a bail hearing, bail set then posting bail and on the street in 24 hour. Did the alleged suspect ever make it to County Jail or MDC, (FBI Detention Center)?, the last I heard Bank Robbery is a Federal Offense, USC Title 18.
    Something pertinent is missing from this story.

  2. I have known Vince since we were in elementary school together years ago. He and his family are in my thoughts. I am not sure what happened that led him down this path if these allegations are true. But I do know that he has always been a good, kind, decent family man.

    My thoughts are with you big guy.

  3. I have known Vince for a while but have not seen him in a long time. His family was very sweet and it is hard to imagine he would do something like this. Whatever the reason for doing this, I hope everything turns out for you and your family. God Bless.

  4. Wow! I too have known Vince since 96 playing Softball and his family. My prayers go out to you Vince and Susie and hope this is all a false alegation.

  5. I pray for Vince and his family…..but those of you that say you hope these allegations are wrong…duh!!! Vince is the guy in the Video…robbing a bank…that equals — FACT not allegation…. But they did get the FACT that he is polite…Vince was always a sweet guy…nice to see he hasn’t lost his kindness.

  6. I pray for Vince and his family…..but those of you that say you hope these allegations are wrong…duh!!! Vince is the guy in the Video…robbing a bank…that equals — FACT not allegation…. But they did get the FACT that he is polite…Vince was always a sweet guy…nice to see he hasn’t lost his kindness.

  7. I’ve always looked up to you Vince (when you played for Treasures team) , sorry to see this happen with you .I hope things work out for the best. Rich Rod

  8. Vince: I am praying for you & your family. What you have done was wrong & you will have to pay for it. BUT. God forgives & will give you strength to go on. I am praying for your family as there will be those who will reject them as they will reject you. I pray that you will stand strong as a family. Do not let this break the Cantus apart. I pray that All of you will trust the Lord and lean on Him. He will use what was thought to break your family and turn it around. It will take time, but our Lord is able!!

  9. I was in SHOCK and still can not believe this has happened to such a nice and kind man. I got to know this family this summer and enjoyed their company. Yes, it looks like Vince did go down the wrong path BUT I know from my own life that when I’m over whelmed and scared it could make a person desperate. No excuse to point a gun and rob banks. People say why didn’t he just let someone know we all would have helped, once again not that easy to do. Vince can’t change what he did we can only HOPE for the children’s sake and Susie that TRUE friends and
    God will help this family become whole again. Pray for the CANTUS instead of judging what has happened, there are two small boys now without a father. SAD……

  10. Vince & Susie,

    Cuz It has been a while but no matter what! We love you..

    I have known Vince my whole life always kind an gentle.

    No one can judge! This man loved his family and did not know where to turn.. That is the sad part..

    If we can do something for you and your family get in touch..


  11. For those of you who can’t understand what would drive a husband, father and “nice guy” to become a bank robber…let me say this: I too was a good husmand, a good father and a man loved by my neighbors; however, when I lost my job, my business and hope…I became desprate (just like this man). I ended up robbing 4 banks and got caught! I spent 54 months in Federal Prison…and cannot express to you the pain, guilt and suffering my entire family (especially my kids) endured because of my desperation. I feel so sorry for this man, his wife and especially ofr his children…kids he must have loved more than life itself…I sincerely know, from my own experience that what happened was from desperation! I will say this: Since I have been out (4 years) I have worked, am back with my wife and children (now 10 and 12) and thank God everyday for the things I have….

    May his wife and kids one day understand the love and pressure he was under…and may they all be reunited as a family one day.

    If you want to help this man and his family…you can all write letters to the Judge on his behald and tell the court what type of person (husmand and father and community member) he is!

  12. How ridiculous. What’s with all this sympathy. Yes I understand it’s tough times for everyone. We are up to our neck in debt. Work harder. Work smarter. Law enforcement background opens up alot of doors. Retire because of a knee injury at 40-something? He was walking pretty good in the morning when he’d walk away with other moms to go have breakfast while so many others were going to work. No understanding, no sympathy, no prayers.

  13. Hey Murphy Ranch Mom, get over yourself! He doesn’t need your sympathy, prayers, or understanding. Your bitter, better than thou attitude is coming through loud and clear. Why don’t you go have another donut. Pretend you live the perfect life, great little wife and mommy that you are! We all know, that MRS. degree isn’t all it was cracked up to be! You are transparent. So easy to look down your insecure nose at other people and judge them. You are probably bitter because he never went to breakfast with you….maybe you look like you’ve had enough to eat! Vince, his wife and his children are far better off without your empathy, so keep it. Take your judgement and put it where your husband no longer ventures!

  14. Double High 5 Michelle! “Murphy Ranch Mom”, you realy have your nerve. This page if full of GOD serving people offering up support for a fallen brother. Vince may have done wrong and will serve the consquences. May he and his family have faith and feel loved. May they feel the strength of the support around them. I have confidence that Vince and his family will get through this…You, however “MRM”, will suffer with every breath of your life until you change your attitude!
    Vince, you are a great man…Stand tall.

  15. My goodness! Just heard the new today. Our love and thought go out the the family of Vince. We are surely shocked. Vince has always been the kindhearted, loving,, and none confrontational in all levels of life. Thus the reason we are shocked but still have heavy hearts of love and support for Vince and his family. Sandy, you tell those unforgiving judgemental Murphy Ranch moms; that shouldn’t be worried about who goes to breakfast???t Maybe get a job??? This man is a good man that felt pressure for what ever reason. We will alway love you and support you and your family! Lots of prayer and forgiveness! The Holley Family

  16. I worked with man when I was a cop. Desperate times, desperate actions… May he get through this and continue on with his life. Cops and Ex Cops are human too.

  17. I would like to express that I knew Vince very well and shared some good experiences with him and his children with baseball and coaching and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. He has always been a person that help others and even my child at school so I thank him for that.. Vince stay strong and it was a bad decision but all we can do is move foward and learn from our mistakes. Take care and God Bless. MRBaseball

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