A minute with Clark Rockefeller

Here’s the video snippet from Today’s interview with Clark Rockefeller:


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  • Sleuthy

    Love the visual juxtaposition with Condi – two liars from California, haha!

  • Sleuthy

    The Herald is so incensed they couldn’t get face-time with The Crock, the website Moderators are deleting ANY posts referencing the interview!

  • Miss Havisham’s Tea Party

    He certainly leaves an “above it all” impression,and seems unnecessarily evasive. He reminds me of the typical aging hipster. blegth

    I’ll never understand attorneys that let their clients talk to the press. It can and will be held against them.

  • Joe Friday

    Joe Friday here. You are so continually kind to the criminal element it ails me Miss H. He reminds you of the typical “aging hipster”? I know people that fit that description and they’re nothing like this guy. They never assumed multiple identities or murdered people and played the media like this sociopath.

    It’s obvious to Joe Friday countless people need to be waterboarded and the number grows every day.

    Joe Friday with the facts.

  • Sleuthy

    The Hahrald is still deleting any mention of the – SHHHH! – NBC interview. Sour grapes!!! They’re like frikken Pravda refusing to report a Politburo death that everyone knows happened last month. Sheesh!

    Miss Havisham, you’re quite right:

  • Joe Friday

    Joe Friday here. Miss H. is right regrading her attorney comment. Those hired to defend someone to keep the truth from coming out (about 99% of the time) are the scum of the earth, but it’s well known the job of making sure your client gets the best defense possible was perverted by the justice system a long time ago.

    My waterboarding comment is still a fact.

    Joe Friday with the facts.

  • http://www.proctorformayor.com AP

    “A Minute With Clark Rockefeller”

    That’s my new band…besides Aaron Proctor & The 11% Experience.