Hrones fires back

After a scathing piece in the Boston Herald about his abilities (or lack thereof) as an attorney, Stephen Hrones fired back at the paper claiming the Herald was exacting payback for his granting the Boston Globe an interview with Clark Rockefeller.

Hrones also granted Dateline an interview with his client, aka Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter. 

The Herald has had a great run of stories on the whole saga, which are collected here. Don’t forget our San Marino Mystery section here.

Here’s some of Hrones’ rant:

It’s payback,” he says of the front-page Herald story that appeared on Wednesday. “There is no question about it. The Globe interview was today and the Herald was furious.”

After losing out on the interview, the Herald retaliated with a story about his legal troubles, Hrones says.

“This isn’t a front-page story,” he says. “I did nothing wrong.”

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