“Ayudenme! No me quiero morir!”

Robert Hong pieced together a powerful account of Jennifer Avina-Ortega’s last moments. The woman was shot to death Tuesday night standing at a pay phone in the 1800 block of East Villa. Police are releasing very few details about the case, implying they are close to catching the killer or killers here’s an excerpt:

Shot in the back and bleeding profusely, Avina-Ortega crawled on the pavement and screamed out in Spanish in the moments before she died, witnesses said.

“Ayudenme!” – “Help me!” Avina-Ortega screamed. “No me quiero morir!” – “I don’t want to die!”

Seconds after the gunfire, a witness, who declined to give her name, said she saw a car speed out of the parking lot adjacent the barbershop and a small market that is part of the same building.

Then a second vehicle drove past slowly, its headlights off. The windows were rolled down and it appeared the occupants were looking at Avina-Ortega as she lay on the sidewalk.

The car turned right on Villa, then drove through a red light at Allen Avenue and kept going, witnesses said.

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  • dp

    Thanks to Robert Hong. I appreciate the details in this story, as difficult and uncomfortable as it is.

  • I’m wondering

    I wonder who the corrupt and lazy cops are going to start profiling for this murder? Who would kill this young girl, while she is using a pay phone? What type of cowards would shoot a young girl in back? The cops better include old white ladies in the list of suspects and not be racist in their search for the killers of Jennifer Avina-Ortega.

  • Hmmm

    This happened days after the 1 year anniversary of the Ebony murder. Not saying its related, but it sure as hell could be, you never know with the gangs in Pasadena…

    If there’s anything i’ve learned from reading about all of the murders last year it’s that they’re usually somehow related, not to the naked eye though…

  • usagain

    I wonder who the corrupt and lazy blog posters are going to start profiling for this murder? Who would kill the English language, sentence fragments too and comma splices? What type of coward would shoot intelligence in the back, while she was on the phone talking to a sentence fragment. The cops better include old white ladies and old white bloggers and people insistent on demonstrating their impotence in their search for the killers of the English language.

    dummy, you keep losing. find a new profile name.

  • Wonder Why

    I wonder why usagain is upset by Sr. Jack Ass comments? I wonder who is this hysterical usagain, is he another Jack Ass? I am 100% sure that an old white person will not be arrested for this murder. But I can’t say the same for young latinos who wear gang clothing. When a young latino is arrested and convicted for this murder, I wonder what will the other Jack Ass (usagain) have to say?

  • us

    Remember, I’ve taught elementary school (and @ a Jr. College) so I have the patience required to set your silliness straight.

    To date, I’ve accused you of being lazy, witless and dumb. You prove my points with each of your posts.

    But, as I’ve done with all my slow students, let’s take a serious look at your work: “I am 100% sure an old white person will not be arrested for this murder.” Great work, Detective. You’ve just narrowed your search to the millions of old brown, black and asian people and young brown, black, asian and white folk in LA County. Detective, the reason you never got your promotion might be related to your grasp of the English language and your reasoning skills (as well as your laziness and witlessness).

    You say, “But I cant say the same for the young Latinos who wear gang clothing.” Why think the perpetrators were Latino? Isn’t there a recent history of black-brown violence that might give reasonable people pause before making a statement of this sort? But, then again, you clearly don’t get paid to think, so I guess that’s excusable.

    Also, why think the perpetrators were wearing, ‘gang clothing’? Oh yeah, you must’ve been watching Warriors where everybody wears the name of their gang on their leather vestements. Dumb-ass.

    And when a ‘young Latino get’s arrested and convicted for this murder,’ I will probably have a mix of emotions: encouraged that justice was served, saddened that another life is lost to theprison-industrial complex, surprised that local law enforcement has solved the murder and fearful that crimes of this sort might happen near me.

    So, as you’ve logically and cogently have argued, ‘let’s arrest brown people with white-t shirts!”

    Your grade: D-

  • Jayne

    Why does everyone have to assume this murder is related to gangs? The vast majority of murdered women in this country are killed by their husbands/boyfriends and ex’s. I would rule all that out before even starting up on gangs. Domestic violence is a far greater enemy to women than gangs, bad as they are.

    Alternatively, that poor young woman could have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. I live in that area, and have seen all the creeps that are attracted by the sleezy liquor store on that corner. (Something should be done about that, but that’s totally another subject). She may have looked like a vulnerable victim to one of them – an opportunity for rape, robbery or muder.

    P.S. – I hope her family sues that property owner – he knows that location is a crime magnet and obviously cares nothing about the community.

  • pasadena

    this girl was a gang member

  • Mike

    Let’s face it: out of all the homicides last year in Pasadena, all of the victims and suspects were non-white, and most, if not all, were gang-related.

    Say hello to your new replacements, whitey!

  • Mike

    Arrests have just been made in this case – I know it’s hard to believe, but this was gang related.

    It’s rather interesting that as Mestizo immigration has grown exponentially, so too have the gangs. This is something that NO ONE wants to address.

    Oh by the way – ever see that United Way study which determined that about half of L.A. County is functionally illiterate?