Clark Rockefeller: “I’ve never hurt anyone”

Part two of Natalie Morales’ interview with Clark Rockefeller features an interesting confrontation between Morales and Rockefeller’s attorney Stephen Hrones.

Morales, to her credit, asks some tough questions about Rockefeller/Chichester’s relationship with John and Linda Sohus. She gets immediately interrupted and reprimanded by Hrones.

Rockefeller also shares some of his fondest childhood memories, including a trip to Mt. Rushmore in a “woody” station wagon. The interview:

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  • Sleuthy

    People in CORNISH, NH knew his rage. People in Boston were frightened of him. There’s alot more to this …

    ABCNEWS interviewed a childhood friend, who spoke at length of Christian Karl GERHARTSREITER’s “obsession with weaponry.” He shot out the windows of the local Roman Catholic youth center … angry?! Priest abuse cannot be summarily ruled out, given the repressed homosexual tendencies that many have privately noted.

    He threatened coworkers at Nikko Securities “If anyone touches my desk again, I’ll go get my Luger!” There are demons, deep in this man’s soul, to lead this sociopath so far from normalcy.