The Grim Sleeper

LA Weekly this week chronicles the case of a serial killer on the prowl in south Los Angeles. The killer who was prolific in the mid 1980s resurfaced in 2002 and 2003, according to the Weekly, who gave the person or persons the moniker Grim Sleeper:

Local journalists haven’t even assigned him a creepy nickname, like Night Stalker (Grim Sleeper was chosen by the Weekly to mark his 13 years of inactivity before killing again).

It’s coincidental that I began my column this week on the crime wave of 1985 and 1986, because apparently the Grim Sleeper was most prolific during this period. Going through teh Tribune archives over the past several days, I believe I read some news accounts of the at least three of the slayings. I’ll post up scans later this week.



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  • I saw a good article on Altered Dimensions ( that has a map showing where the bodies were found. They also have a satellite image showing the locations that you can zoom in on and see the alleys that they were found in. Its eerie that all of the bodies were found so close together.