Teen wounded in stabbing**

LA PUENTE — A 14*-year-old boy was hospitalized in serious condition Sunday after he was stabbed by apparent gang members, authorities said.

The crime occurred just before 6 p.m. in the 700 block of Tonopah Avenue, Sgt. S. Bracken of the sheriff’s Industry station said.

The wounded teen, who is not believed to have gang ties, was approached by a group of male Latinos who shouted out “Bassett” — referring to an area street gang — before attacking the boy, Bracken said.

The victim was stabbed three to four times in the abdomen, he said.

The attackers were last seen fleeing the area in a dark, 2-door compact car, Bracken said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s Industry station at (626) 330-3322.

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  • Jack Ass

    Is this going to be another case of the racist and corrupt police profiling young latino kids and not old white people. I for one am getting sick and tired of the constant profiling of young latino kids, who look like cholos for violent crimes like this. History has proven that the corrupt police are the ones who really need policing and NOT young latino kids who happen to look like cholos. We know this is not a concern among old white people who are never profiled for this type of violent crime. How many times do I have to tell you people about the corrupt cops and violent old white people !!!!!!

  • Fair is Fair

    It’s got to a reason why they are looking for male latino’s, i’m sure they didn’t just get made up in the victim’s mind. Get over it, whatever the case may be some ignorant people stabbed a boy. It shouldn’t matter what their race is as long as they get caught and we don’t let another kid get stabbed.

  • Rampart

    It really seems like the San Gabriel Valley and other parts of SoCal are turning into and resembling a third-world nation. This is awful.

  • Sanctuary Sadness

    Many areas of Los Angeles such as East L.A. and the Westlake district look just like Tijuana with illegal street vendors selling pirated good on the sidewalks.

    More and more cities in California and other states are having gang problems as the mexican gang culture of Los Angeles spreads throughout the country. Many small towns throughout the country are now having gang problems because of L.A. families moving out of L.A to escape gangs but bringing along their own cholito kids.

    Just look search MySpace for the word “XV3” 18th st gang


  • usagain

    Jack-Ass is right. Old white people never commit violent crimes (c’mon, in all fairness, the military leaders of the western world while white are not old and white).

    Even more, nobody here has ever read about instances of police corruption. Never. And nobody here has ever been harassed by the police. Never.

    History is absolutely silent with regards to old, white people abusing their positions of power. Silent!

    So, as Jack-Ass has made abundantly clear, round up all black and brown and asian youth who dare proclaim their lawlessness by wearing white-shirts, listening to loud rap music and wearing a short haircut. My advice, start at Camp Pendelton and work your way north, ass-jack.