Woman jumps from speeding car to escape kidnapper

Investigators are continuing to search for a 25-year-old San Gabriel Valley man who allegedly attacked a woman Sunday and forced her into the trunk of her own car before she escaped by jumping out of the car as it sped down the 57 Freeway.

The man’s name was known, sheriff’s officials said, but was not released Monday as officials continue to investigate. Detectives also declined to release information on the victim’s car, which the suspect may still be driving.

The victim, a 21-year-old area woman, was also not named.

She left a party in unincorporated Covina with the man when officials believe he struck her in the head with a blunt object, knocking her unconscious.

She woke up in the trunk of her own car and was able to get it open, then jumped from the trunk as the car continued at freeway speed on the 57 Freeway, north of the 60 Freeway in the Walnut area.

Officials said the woman suffered severe road rash, but no critical injuries.


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  • David N.

    I am the uncle of the 21 year old assault, carjacking victim. By my conversation with my niece she rolled out of the trunk and miraculously survived the jump onto the 57 freeway but not one driver stopped to aid her in any way. What kind of society do we live in where you can’t even trust that someone will aid you in a time of need. She was so scared crying for help. One car even slowed down enough to look at her then swerved to avoid her and sped off. She had to find her way off the freeway not knowing where she was, no call box nearby. She was lucky to find a 7-11 and sought help where they called the police. Please everybody if you see anybody in need of help due to injury or illness stop and help them and call 911.

  • Off the 57fwy

    Thanks for posting David… I would have helped her. God Bless

  • JB

    That is a very sad story, but very true about the type of world we live in. Everyone is so BUSY and don’t want to get involved. I wish I was there; I would have helped. The person could have at least pulled over and called the cops. I pray that your niece has a speedy recovery. I hope that other young women read this story and watch the people they hang out with. There are aolt of creeps and crazy men out there, so please be careful.

  • Jenny Nguyen

    How horrible to hear what happened to her.. I drive on the 57 all the time and if I saw her, I would have helped her in any way possible..

    Glad to hear she is okay..

  • Shoot, who would have thughot that it was that easy?

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