Chilling footage from attempted Starbucks robbery

I just watched a series of stills from an attempted Starbucks robbery in Pico Rivera.

A gunman walks around the counter and opens fire on an employee, who was saved by the glass muffin case.

As soon as I get a usable copy I will post it here. Cops are hoping that viewers of the video will help them identify the shooter, who appears to be quite ruthless.


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  • mwt

    AUGUST 19??? Let’s get right on this so the perps don’t escape. . ..

  • Looks like banks are getting to tough for wannabe tough dudes, now they’re going for coffee shops and pizza huts.
    I hope we don’t have readers’ comments on “the economy, times are tough” etc. Do these Rats look like they need cash for a house payment?
    Miracle victims are physically OK. BodyArmor for Starbuck servers?

  • Thank you, muffin case.

  • PB

    The police might want to look at video tape within the last month at Target, these guys look a little familiar. Maybe these guys have scoping out the scene a little longer than a month.

    Also, there should be more patrols in that area.

    Men are going into places like Panda Express and asking customers for money inside and outside of the business.

    One guy parked his bike right outside of Starbucks and was walking around between Target and Panda Express.

    His story was that he wanted money to get something to eat since he just got out of jail.

    It seems like it has been happening for awhile since management didn’t seen at that surprised.

  • Pixie

    I worked at the store and we used to see a black truck early in the morning and way late at night. I wasn’t there when it happened but my friends were and I’m glad they’re ok!