Suspected tag vandals picked up in Azusa

Here’s the top of the story we’ve just posted on the web. These two knuckleheads are suspected of causing about $15,000 in damage:

AZUSA – Two teens were arrested earlier this week on suspicion of tagging more than 30 windows at a shopping center during the course of a week, according to police officials.

Azusa Police first received reports of etchings in several plate glass windows at the Citrus Crossing Shopping Center, at the corner of Citrus Avenue and Foothill Boulevard, on Sept. 4, according to Azusa police Lt. Frank Chavez.

Further investigation led merchants and police to discover more than 30 windows had been vandalized, he said. Damage of the windows is estimated to be $15,300, Chavez said.

Detectives determined the etchings to be connected to a local tagging crew and proceeded to interview members of the crew at an Azusa area school. Chavez would not disclose the name of the school.

While at the school Thursday one juvenile, 16, was identified as one of the taggers at the shopping center. The other teen was turned in by his parents at the Azusa Police Department Jail.

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  • 5th Estate

    At least we know one of these young vandals has decent parents. Hopefully this turns him around.

  • Jana

    Good job, Azusa PD. Taggers need some serious consequences for the nonsense they engage in. Where are their parents? Probably out tagging things themselves. Clueless these kids, I swear.

    Really, you got nothing better to do than mark your so-called “territories” like dogs pissing on trees? Figure it out morons, what you’re doing is stupid.

    And it inconveniences ME because now when I go to Michael’s to buy art supplies, I gotta get some employee to come unlock the cabinets because all the stuff I need is locked up in a cage because of these BS taggers and huffers.

    Rather than locking up the spray paint, lock up the idiots who use it to devalue the properties and cause damage in our neighborhoods.

    Keep up the good work, Frank.

  • ese parka

    free the homie eager aimer nome FCKTC RIFA FUCK COPS AND THE WINDOWS