A billboard on the border

The FBI hopes to catch a man suspected of opening fire on two cops in Whittier by erecting a billboard at the border. Here’s the top portion of their press release:


The FBI has purchased a billboard, visible to vehicles traveling across the Tijuana/San Diego border, as part of its ongoing publicity campaign to find and capture Emigdio Preciado, a fugitive on the FBI’s national list of “Ten Most Wanted,” announced Salvador Hernandez, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI in Los Angeles . The billboard, which will be posted for approximately three months, displays three photographs of Preciado and contact numbers for the FBI in Los Angeles, the United States Consulate General in Guadalajara, Mexico, and a special number established by the FBI’s Fugitive Task Force to directly respond to tips, (888) CANT-HIDE

A similar billboard that was errected in Whittier last year has been defaced several times by thugs hoping to hide the face of Preciado.

That’s his mugshot and here’s a link to the wanted information from the FBI.

Other’s on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list include Osama Bin Laden and “Whitey” Bulger



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