KFI reporter blogging from OJ trial

KFI’s Steve Gregory is blogging live reports from Las Vegas, where OJ Simpson is on trial for robbery. He’s put together some pretty interesting tidbits covering, testimony, acrimony and disharmony.

Here’s an excerpt from one of yesterday’s entries:

WOW – what an afternoon……Walter Alexander just finished his testimony….the defense wanted to impeach his testimony because of allegations that Alexander’s a pimp and owns a website that hires out hookers. Judge says NO. Prosecution says all of that came up in preliminary hearings and they could have stopped it then. At one point, Simpson attorney, Yale Galanter, approached Alexander in the witness stand and began reading a transcript — Alexander says, “Step Back” – Galanter says, “No, I’m going to do what the prosecution does” – the bailiff starts to go over…the judge tells Galanter to step back and chews his ass out for disobeying a request from the witness and an order from the court!!!

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