FBI accuses gang of using encrypted BlackBerrys to sell MDMA

A federal grand jury handed down an extensive indictment Tuesday charging a group of Californians and Canadians in a conspiracy to move MDMA from local cities to Canada.

A portion of the indictment talks about how defendant Nathanael Lineham used his position with a company called beStealth to supply encrypt BlackBerrys to drug dealers. Here’s a link to the beStealth site.

Here’s the indictment:


Here’s a portion of our Web story:

Prosecutors allege the organization was overseen by Temple City resident Jason I. Ming Wei, 30, a Canadian national. He was arrested Sunday night at Los Angeles International Airport while preparing to board a flight to Canada.

A total of 18 people, including seven residents of the San Gabriel Valley, have been named in two federal indictments that outline the operations of the organization. Marijuana and ecstasy were allegedly brought to the United States from Canada, while cocaine was shipped from the United States to Canada.

The other suspects arrested Monday morning include: Jerry Fanyuan Lin, 32, of Temple City; Jose G. Garibay, aka “Guero,” 28, of La Puente; Ming Chien Hsieh, aka “Sonny,” 24, of San Gabriel; and four others from California and Canada.

The ten others being sought by authorities include Ren Sui, aka “Jeffrey,” 31, of Rosemead; Erik Damien Vicente, 41, of Baldwin Park; Hong Yee “Annie” Chow, 28, of Rowland Heights. 

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