Tossing butts in the street


So what happens when you write about the economic meltdown and the total lack of leadership in Washington DC but lead with an anecdote about flipping a cigarette butt into the street?

People latch onto the anecdote.

I’ve been called a “slob.” I’ve been accused of using the SGV as my “toilet.”  I’ve been admonished in a letter to the publisher. My fellow smokers have wagged their fingers.

It has been suggested I take a tour of the sewer system just to see that butts float to the sea.

OK. I get it. Thanks for the suggestions.

If you’ve got more suggestions (or cigarettes) pass ’em my way.


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  • Former Pack a day

    I can tolerate smokers but litter bugs are beyond the pale.

    Though you do look really cool in the photo, I can see why you smoke.

  • Smoker

    Dude! Didja ever think maybe the cig think was the only thing worth commenting about? Not everything you write is solid gold. Oh the arrogance!!!

  • Mimi

    If cities provided public ashtrays like they do trash cans there’d be far fewer butts in the streets. If we smokers dispose of our butts in trash cans it would start fires.

  • Glenn Kennedy

    Don’t worry frank,I will still smoke with you.

  • frazgo

    Hey any publicity is good publicity.
    Those that didn’t get the joke probably need to lighten up, with the aid of psychopharmaceuticals if needed.

  • mike alerich

    Hey, Frank gotta light?

  • Joanne Whitaker

    We were appalled that you threw your cig. butt in the street. What were you thinking? Well it’s obvious you weren’t. Shame on you.