• http://havish.wordpress.com Mary Kathleen O’Looney

    Don’t let Jeffrey Fager see this. He’ll want you to take over Andy Rooney’s spot. Then what will we do?

  • betty flippen

    I cannot believe what I am reading about you and your cigarettes. The Star News not too long ago had a write up about keeping the cities clean and not throwing trash into the gutters as it goes to the ocean – and then you do a stupid thing and toss your cig butt in the gutter. You said everyone else does it so I guess that you think it is OK for you too. Why don’t you when you are walking take a plastic bag with you and pick up some of the crap in the street – that is what I do!!!!!!!!. Get with the program.

  • http://www.proctorformayor.com The Proc

    This is the kind of world-class reporting that puts your newspaper steps ahead of papers like the Pasadena Weekly.

    And your video was funny and made me life…hey, The Proc needs some relaxation, why don’t you had over that business card 🙂

    Then again, if Jennifer McClain was my co-worker, I wouldn’t need it. 🙂

    P.S. I throw cigarette butts all the time. People don’t like it? They can clean it up.

  • Joe

    This is really interesting, a crime blog, where the head blog writer is the criminal. Can’t wait to see what you do for a encore.

  • http://arcadiapoa.blogspot.com/ APOA Voice

    Here is a link to a handy device Frank… http://yhst-13185147461285.stores.yahoo.net/mc011.html

    Pack it in, pack it out.
    Clean up after yourself.
    Leave the place better than you found it.
    Give a hoot…

    I am sure there are more, but you get it.

  • Eleanor

    Disgusting. Is this considered journalism at the Tribune? No wonder subscriptions and sales are down. About the only thing the Tribune is good for now is to line the kitty box.

  • gorgeous george

    ……….P.S. I throw cigarette butts all the time. People don’t like it? They can clean it up……

    Ya so now you’re a firebug too, no wonder you were sh*t canned you jaggoff.

    Are you pyro too? This Fire season. sheesh.

  • http://frazgomeanders.blogspot.com/ frazgo

    Funny series of posts. I shared on metblogs.