The NorCal rapist featured on America’s Most Wanted

America’s Most Wanted is doing a feature this week on a rapist who has preyed on Northern California women since 1996.

Here’s a link. Here’s an excerpt and a composite mug shot:


Victims of the NorCal Rapist’s string of sexual assaults say similar things…he talked to them as if they were friends and sometimes called them after an attack to apologize.   He reportedly tells his victims personal details about himself.  Some authorities believe that these are the actions of a man who fantasizes about a future life with the women he rapes.

Investigators note that the NorCal Rapist stalks his victims and learns their routines.  In his most recent attacks in October 2006, two female victims told detectives that it seemed like he knew his way around their home suggesting that he had surveilled them beforehand. 


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  • Oh my god it’s Anthony Portantino!

  • Nik 1991

    Please visit for more information on the Nor Cal Rapist as his first attack goes back to 1991…not to 1996. Please help us catch him.

  • Jen

    Who’s Anthony Portantino??