A Las Vegas jury found OJ Simpson guilty in a gunpoint robbery at the Palace Station Casino last year. Interestingly enough, some of the cast of weirdos that he robbed believe their hero was railroaded. Here’s the AP story (Note the interesting twist):

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Jurors in the O.J. Simpson trial reached a verdict Friday after working into the night, deliberating the fate of the former football star and a co-defendant accused of robbing two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in a casino hotel room.
“We have a verdict,” said Michael Sommermeyer, spokesman for the Clark County District Court. He said it would be read after all the defendants, lawyers and prosecutors arrived at the court.
The jury reached a decision after deliberating for more than 13 hours.
Simpson, 61, and a golfing buddy, Clarence “C.J.” Stewart, 54, each face five years to life in prison if convicted of kidnapping, or mandatory prison time if convicted of armed robbery. They’ve pleaded not guilty to 12 charges, including conspiracy, coercion and assault with a deadly weapon.
Deliberations began 13 years to the day after Simpson was acquitted of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, in Los Angeles.

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  • Steve

    HIGH FIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jACK tHE kNIFE

    Bumping knucles!!!

  • fx

    The glove didn’t fit they must acquit !!!

  • 5th Estate

    He was framed. It was Colombian drug lords that done it. LMAO.

  • Willy

    Hey OJ, don’t let the door hit ya where the lord split ya.
    He should have stuck with what he knew. He should have told them to bring knives instead of guns.