A fallen biker

Here’s a photo of Manuel Martin supplied by the DMV. Martin was apparently shot and killed at the 210 2 connector on the Glendale La Canada border early Wednesday morning, officials said. He was 30.

Police are working two theories in regard to the incident. The first is that Martin may have been killed as a result of road rage. The second involves a fellow motorcyclist’sapparentaffiliationwiththeMongols outlaw motorcycle gang and an ongoing feud between the Hell’s Angels andMongols. Police don’t know (or wont’ say) if Martin was a Mongol.
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  • jACK tHE kNIFE

    My Bike is better than yours ! STUPID OVER WEIGHT THUGS !

  • what a bunch of loud mouthes

    WoW! Jack the knife! is that your best, hmmm not smart enough to come up with something better than that?

  • Anonymous

    That DMV photo, just by itself, makes it hard to feel sympathy for a murder victim. Amazing.