Morning fish wrap

ALHAMBRA — Two women in Alhambra were robbed Tuesday night within an hour of one another while walking down the street, according to police.
ALHAMBRADetectives have not been able to interview the victim of a recent shooting but hope to question her tomorrow, authorities said.

PASADENA — What happened to the most electrifying man in Pasadena?

SACRAMENTO — Lawmakers headed back to Sacramento to deal with budget shortfall.

SAN PEDRO –Divers searching the ocean floor Tuesday discovered what they believe is the boat owned bythe brother of U.S. Reps. Linda and Loretta Sanchez.

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  • Anonymous

    Surely you guys must know what happened to Proctor–you link to his blog!

    I won’t miss him. He was too foul-mounted and self-promoting for my taste, even before his meltdown.

  • I wonder

    Now that Ginny Hoge owns AP will he stick around?

    Is he on his way to St. Louis MO?

    Seriously, I don’t think his Pasadena privileges have been revoked…yet, let’s just hope the new and improved reconstituted Proctor has learned a lesson or two.