The strange and terrible saga of outlaw motorcycle gangs continues***

A motorcyclist who was shot to death on a freeway in Glendale may have been a member of the Montebello-based Mongols motorcycle gang, authorities said Wednesday.

The shooting occurred about 2 a.m. And the connector linking the 2 and the 210 was shut down for most of the morning, authorities said.

The death may be the latest chapter in a feud between the Mongols and the Hells Angels.

In early September, Hells Angels leader Mark “Papa: Guardado was shot to death in San Francisco’s Mission District. Christopher Ablett, a Modesto member of the Mongols is believed to be responsible for the slaying, according to witnesses.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:


Guardado was killed about a mile from the Hells Angels clubhouse on Tennessee Street, where he lived as head of what the group calls the Frisco chapter.

Police say murder charges were filed against Ablett in San Francisco earlier this week. He is considered armed and dangerous, and is being sought on a $5 million arrest warrant.

Homicide Inspector Karen Lynch declined to elaborate on a possible motive for the killing, other than to say Guardado and Ablett apparently argued on the street before the shooting.

Ablett is a freelance electrician who lives with his parents in a suburban neighborhood of Modesto.

* Ablett turned himself in to authorities in Oklahoma yesterday, according to the Associated Press:

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. (AP) – The man police think killed the leader of the San Francisco Hells Angels motorcycle gang last month surprised a smalltown police force in Oklahoma by turning himself in.
Bartlesville Police Chief Tom Holland says Christopher Ablett showed up to surrender Sunday.
A check of Ablett’s name and fingerprints turned up nothing tying him to any case in Oklahoma. He suggested they might want to expand their search, and that’s when a California warrant for his arrest popped onto the screen with a $5 million bond attached. Ablett told the officers, “That would be me.”
Holland says Ablett was “as polite as could be,” and not someone you’d think killed anyone.
Ablett is said to be part of a rival motorcycle gang fueding with the Hells Angels.

** The official Mongols Web site is here.

***The dead man has been identified as Manuel V. Martin, of Torrance or Venice. He was 30 years old.
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  • Dan

    I like the HST reference…. I may have to start a drinking game for every time you sneak one of those into your blog.

  • 81

    Whats black & white and “red” all over…..


    Hows it feel? GET USE TO IT! This is a RED&WHITE WORLD..



  • peace

    nice,won’t the “Love Ride” be great in 2 weeks


    This should serve as a warning to weekend Brown Prider Riders if your Brown and you ride your Cholo Chopper and dress like a outlaw on Sundays you guy’s better beware that the real outlaw world is going to get crazy and if you don’t want to be part of it you better lay low…What next, were already swamped with other gang BS..

  • Monrovia Bar-Hopper

    I was at the Brass Elephant bar in Monrovia on a Sunday about two weeks when approximately 20 Mongols arrived at the bar. After about twenty minutes of their arrival 4-5 Monrovia cops stopped by to pay the Mongols a visit, luckily no Hell-Angels came by to visit.

  • Toner

    Respect to Mongol Nation….HA …RIP>>

  • Toner

    Respect to Mongol Nation….HA …RIP>>

  • Toner

    81…got ur number punk bitch….look around at work.

  • Concerned

    Frank, your message board is being used to carry on the conflict. Note the comments from 81 above. 81 means Hells Angel (8 = “H” and 1 = “A”). Note the content. Is this really a good idea?


    Stay away from the Brass Elephant,The York in Highland Park,The Chalet’in Eagle Rock,they frequent these places and there not always wearing there colors. Remember it’s never a one on one fight either it’s “all on one” so they come out the victor. Go with your gut feeling if you sense some problems are going to start just bail and forget about if you got a good looking female friend that’s another angle they use to start problems in the bars or clubs no respect yet they expect it in return. Many agencies are following there moves and they do have inside turmoil, when it comes to rules and power somebody is going to test the waters,remember this gang is filled with criminals and a criminal is looking out for number 1 that usually himself. Will keep responding as long as you keep calling..

  • Monrovia Bar-Hopper

    Mongols (Toner) and Hells Angels (81) net-banging dontcha ya love the Internet and this site. The other thing I noticed about the Mongols it most of them are overweight. Jenny Craig should vist the Mongols they need a diet and exercise program.

  • supporter

    Maybe, just maybe one of you should end the crap now! HAHAHAHA 81 that was so funny of you what an idiot cant think of a better joke than that? My 3 year old could have thought of something that simple minded! Does any of you realize the extent to all this your not just killing eachother, there are more people involved in this!Such as wifes, and children! Is this to say that you would go to any measure to get one another, are either sides families even safe? WOW! This has to make you wonder If I happen to live next to one of these guys and I have children , an one of them decides to pipe bomb that house whats to say my kids arent going to get hurt find eachother somewhere else would ya leave peoples families alone they dont deserve it!

  • supporter mffm

    Lets not forget who started this crap along time ago when the HA was to proud an wouldnt let people in there club, and made up there OWN rule that no one else could wear a bottom rocker that said california on it, seriously who are you guys to tell anyone what they can or can’t wear! And as far as i heard
    the guyin the mongols and the guy in HA were in a one on one fight in Frisco, then he got shot this guy got shot while riding his motorcycle, what you werent man enough to look him in his eyes when you shot him! What kind of man shoots someone off there bike MAN UP an look someone in the eyes if your gonna play with guns! A real man fights with his fist, or one on one not hide in the bushes and shoot someone off there bike! Atleast the mongol was man enough to admit he did something and confess an you know who you are an your hiding like a so an so! The mongols men have pride, decency, honor, respect, integrity, and are hard working individuals! I could find more of these qualities in one of them, than I could find in all of you, based on what I have read on here!

  • Supporter

    I may want to agree yet I think all this is ignorant, peoples families are being devistated here, and they dont care! Call a truse Yes you both have the bottom rocker now deal with it!

  • CH

    The MONGROLS are just a cheap MS13 diguise,
    low life scum bags . They are as low as any street

  • ummm

    Wow.. What in the shit is going on in these comments?

  • IHMC

    The HELLS ANGELS are nothing more than Rapers, and thieves and have no purpose in life than to be a air hazard.

  • irisflores

    Manuel Vincent !! Im so sad to have heard that this Bitch as Puto had to be fucked up and take u away forom ur LOve ones!! He really is not a Biker!! What happen to Puches Drag racing!! I tell you Every one want to be A Fucken Gang!! Get over it we are all people and nobody owens anything in this Fucken world!! Manuel I meet yo in High School!! I cannot belive ur gone when I saw u that day at the market cannot belive that would be the last time!!! Froggie u where with those big Green Eyes that they Closed!! Rest in Peace!! Always in my heart 1993-2008

  • Biker mother

    .Ok so lets lay it out here. My son is a biker. Yes he has a bottom rocker. Yes he is a 1%er. NO I DON’T APPROVE. I am not nor is my husband (28 years) in the biker world except for being around the fellas from time to time. MFFM you decribed my son to a T, respectfull, hard-working, honest, proud, honorable and just an all around great person and one of the great loves of my life. I KNOW FOR A FACT he is a good person. YES…I HAVE BEEN TO SOME RUNS. No, I don’t agree with everything that goes on. I will tell you that my son is not a Mongol and I will tell you that he is not HA and I will not tell you who he supports or his club name that’s the point, you would never know. AND my point is “finally” isn’t there good and bad in all? Really? I don’t know who you are and I don’t care but I can tell you ALL, HA or Mongol. Or who ever you ride with, stop hurting each other, please be safe. Ride safe (watch for the nuts in the cars cuz they don’t watch for you) and make it home. To many mamas have to bury there babies….I don’t wanna be in that club or gang. I am just a mama who loves her son and cares for you all….