Nothing going on — except a school lockdown

This letter was sent to parents of kids attending CJ Morris Elementary in Walnut. About the time we made a round of calls to both Walnut and West Covina and were told “Nothing going on.”

Good afternoon. This is Mrs. Arzola, Principal of C.J. Morris. As some
of you may know, this morning there was police activity in a home a few
blocks from our school. Helicopters and patrol cars were dispatched. As
a precautionalry measure, we implemented a lock-down and brought our
students in from recess. Throughout the incident, we were in contact
with both the Walnut Valley Sherriff’s Station and the West Covina
Police Department. At approximately 11:00a.m., 30 minutes later, Watch
Commander, Tolich, of the West Covina Police Department informed us
that the incident was contained and we isssued an all-clear.

I just wanted to reassure you that throughout the incident, our
students were safe and secure and the lock-down was merly a
precautionary measure. The staff at C.J. Morris is well-trained in
safety proceedures. We take great pride in ensuring our school is a
safe place.

Thank you for helping us to make it happen. If you have any questions
or concerns, please feel free to give me a call.


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  • Concerned Citizen

    Maybe it’s because when you call they are in the middle of handling a situation and they don’t want to tell you anything.

    I mean you have a scanner and you pretend like you know everything, you could have figured it out.

    Get a life and leave the police alone

  • Jenny

    hey Frank, thanks for checking into it

    and as always thanks for keeping us informed !!