Teacher exonerated

This from Bethania Palma:

AZUSA — A judge Tuesday dropped lewd conduct charges against a local substitute teacher, calling the accusations “implausible,” officials said.
Virgil Cleon Harper, 66, of Azusa, faced nine counts of committing lewds with a child, stemming from allegations when he substituted for the fourth grade teacher at W.R. Powell Elementary School in Azus March 21.
A jury deliberated for three days before failing to reach a decision Monday. Seven jurors believed Harper was guilty while five believed he was not.

The District Attorney’s office will not refile the case officials said.

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  • Mary Miller

    This case should never have gone to trial. It was a total waste of taxpayers money and a travesty of justice for Mr. Harper. The district attorney owes the Harpers a huge apology for the multiple breaches of protocal that took place in their information gathering process; specifically the investigators putting words into the mouths of the children and making concrete suggestions to the children concerning Mr. Harper; suggestions that none of the children initially had entertained or evidenced. Putting video cameras in the classrooms would be an appropriate form of apology to the Harpers, and one the Harpers would agree totally with. No one should ever have to go through this type of situation again. Ever.