Wineville murders part II; the pursuit of Gordon Stuart Northcott

This comes from an old newspaper article. It was published on Sept. 16, 1928:

Gordon Stuart Northcott, alleged to have murdered four boys on the chicken ranch of his father Cyrus Northcott, near Wineville, and his mother, Louise Northcott, today are confronted with a first degree murder charge and Canadian police and detectives are close on their trail in Vancouver.

The Murder complaint was issued from the office of District Attorney Albert Ford this morning, with Jim Quinn, district attorney investigator as the complaining witness.


Quinn believes the state has sufficient evidence to convict both Gordon Stuart Northcott and his mother of first degree murder.

He says the statement made by Sanford Clark to the Los Angeles operators, and the statement alleged to have been made by Gordon Stuart Northcott to his father Cyrus Northcott, are sufficient upon which to base a murder charge.

The physical evidence in the hands of Riverside county officers strengthens the case, Quinn statesm and proves that a human life has been taken. This evidence includes a toenail, two  



fingerbones, nine bits of flesh, two clumps of hair in a piece of scalp, a knee cap and a piece of skull.

Quinn believes the murders were committed between May 15 and August 1, and the remains were dug up and disposed of about the middle fo August.

 Among Northcott’s victims was Walter Collins, the subject of Clint Eastwood’s movie “The Changeling.”

Tomorrow, the Hickman case — and how Northcott and prosecutors referred to it constantly throughout the trial.

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8 thoughts on “Wineville murders part II; the pursuit of Gordon Stuart Northcott

  1. In the movie, one child was found alive in 1930 and said Walter Collins had helped him to escape. Is that event true? If so, did the police talk to Sanford Clark to see if he remembered that night and whether or not Walter was recaptured and killed or escaped.

  2. Sanford Clark returned to his home in Canada, I believe he was in the Canadian army in WW2. Following that he lived many years in Saskatoon Saskatchewan where he was employed by Canada Post as a letter carrier. He married and lived a quiet life. I believe he died sometime in the 1980’s.

  3. In the movie there was a 15 year old boy (Gordon’s cousin?)who killed some of the boys to keep Gordon from killing him. If this part is true, wouldn’t he know whether or not Walter Collins was recaptured when he escaped?

  4. What about the 15 year old boy (cousin) who was forced to help Gordon kill some of the boys? Surely if this part of the movie is true, wouldn’t he have known whether or not Walter Collins was recaptured by Gordon?

  5. in the movie sanford clark said they killed about 20 kids..did they believe this was true or only 4 children they believe they killed?

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