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YES on 8!
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Pending I was glad to hear Mr. Harper was exonerated. It should never have gone this far. The school staff and the investigators need to learn how to interview children. If it was done right Mr. Harper would have never been charged. Everyone is so paranoid about child molesters that a person is convicted in peoples minds before all the facts are in. It is shamefull to put a person through such torture when they are innocent. Praise the Lord, God answered our prayers for truth and justice. God answers prayer.
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Pending Throughout this trial, the Harpers remained confident that he would be exonerated. They remained steadfast in their faith that God would bring them through this.The testimony of the accusing children was ludicrous, and one child testified that one of the plaintifs had asked her to lie. I am amazed that any of the jury found him guilty. By the way, right up until the very last, the jury was evenly split, 6/6.
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Pending The Attorneys have presented, the Jury has deadlocked, the Judge has declared, the DA’s Office has dismissed, and God’s justice has prevailed… Now acknowledge hurt, accept the result, heal without forgetting, and allow God to use this to work it for His good!
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Pending My daughter attended Walden School from 1990 1995 and Mark was one of her teachers. Mark asked my daughter to stay in at recess so that he could go over her homework with her one day. While she was in the classroom with just Mark there with her, he put his hand under her shirt and rubbed her back while he was talking to her. She told me about it later that day. After hearing this, I was very upset and asked to meet with Carol Per Lee, our Head of School at that time. During our meeting I told Carol that if Mark did not want to have these types of things viewed in the “wrong” way he needed to stop this and having girls sitting in his lap in class, at assemblies, at recess etc. I also told her that I would never have another child in one of his classes (we have 2 girls) and that I wanted to know what the follow up to our conversation was. Of course I told my daughter that that was not appropriate and that she was not to be alone with him. Carol would never tell me what the outcome of our meeting was only that she had taken care of the situation. For Walden to say they never had a complaint about his behavior is not true. Maybe they never put anything permanent in his file? This whole situation now saddens me for his children and the girls that have been hurt. Needless to say his situation now does not surprise me after what we went through.
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Pending no email by request, but can they now go after the Vagos motorcycle gang. Talk to people in the High Desert and see how bad they are. Years ago 10-15 as we rode through Baldwin Park or El Monte we were told if a Vago approches you just give him what he wants. I do not really think this will stop the Mongols- they they will regroup just the any big gang. And to think people thought the Hell’s Angels were bad. They are “Angels” compare to the Vagos, Mongols, and Banditos out of Texas.
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