Wanted in connection with Alhambra body dump

This comes from a Sheriff’s Department bulletin issued this afternoon:

On October 21, 2008 (Tuesday) at 1400 hours, Victim Luciano Brash was shot at a home in Alhambra. His body was then dropped off at the Pacific Orthopedic Medical Center, 707 S. Garfield Avenue, Alhambra. The suspects should be considered ARMED AND DANGEROUS. Investigators are seeking the public’s assistance, and asking anyone with information to contact Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau.

Here’s the photos:


Sheriff’s detectives identify this man as Scott Young Kim. A 37-year-old male Asian. He is wanted in connection with the Brash homicide. It’s believed he was the shooter.





18560-brashwanted2-thumb-100x134.jpgSheriff’s detectives identify this man as Samuel Patrick Groft, a 28-year-old male white. He is also wanted in connection with the Brash homicide. he is believed to be one of two men seen in a videotape dropping Brash’s body on the floor of an Alhambra medical clinic.





Here’s a  videotape of two men dumping Brash’s body in the reception area of an Alhambra medical clinic. There is also an alleged connection between the men and the Korean Mafia, officials said.

Here’s a Wikipedia entry on the Korean mob and gangsters known as kkangpae.





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  • sa groft

    just for the record i’m the guy in the suit scott and me are innocent i was finally released after 20 months for doing nothing but taking a man to the hospital i love how the media throws the whole mafia bullshit in to make there story sound good fuck william green and susanna gonzalez for lying on the stand about scott and myself alleged involvement cant anyone see that these people were in the witness protection program and now there involved in this lie to extend there witness pay these fucking liars the truth shall prevail this was are friend who passed away we loved lucky we just didn’t wanna snitch on anyone but look what happened william green the real shooter lied and went to the police a week later to say it was us that piece of shit