From my mailbag this morning — People care about Prop 8

Here’s a letter I received just a few minutes after writing a story about the passage of Proposition 8, which bans same sex marriages in California:

Frank, I live in Texas and wanted to get some election results, so I googled “prop 8 results” and your story came up. I am glad it passed, but wow, what a biased slant you give ! You pick up and continue the media line of prop 8 “bans” something, and then throw in the “hate” junk. Please, that is so lame.
Try thinking for yourself.
Nothing about judicial activism that struck down the will of the California people, or goes against nature, and 5000 years of human history !
Try researching and thinking a bit, rather than just blindly following the pied piper.
San Antonio, Tx

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  • Congratulations, California.

    You’ve become the first generation to write discrimination into our constitution.

    I hope you’re all happy adopting Jim Crow-like laws in our “progressive” state.

    Separate but equal is not equal.

  • John sounds like he’s one of those “the south will rise again” Texans that believe discrimination and slavery was a good idea.

    The prop 8 fight isn’t over. Gloria Allred is taking up the battle.

  • Elizabeth Thomas

    I believe that every citizen of the United States should be equal before the law; no group of cirizens should be deprived of their civil rights due to the religious beliefs of others. We do not live in a Theocracy,,,, I am ” straight”, a 71 year old grandmother of 11 and great grandmother of 4 living in California . My hope is that this unconstitional , illegal persecution of gays will be stopped, as were other forms of racial and religious bias ( particularly of black people and Mormans in recent years.) Those two groups supported prop 8 overwhelmingly…was it retalion for the hurt they suffered perhaps or revenge ? Shame on them ! I am saddend by this…for the very people who were discriminated against to promote such a law.

  • Bob

    I think the gays should blame themselves.

    Years before I used to believe man can do whatever he or she wishes as long as laws are being followed and that included the gays who realy were not my business.

    I changed my mind, felt so sick and had enough of them after seeing the gays’ disgusting behaviors during gay parades in Chicago and in San Francisco; witnessing how they treated by-standers so rudely and violently – some were seniors who simply were expressing feelings amongst themselves; hearing the most shameful, abusive and provocative language plus obscene gestures openly from the gays. This is how I changed my position not supporting the gays anymore.

    If you were a gay, can you speak to your friends about human basic decency or be considering? I know you are to answer ‘No’ because what I mentioned above were the culture of you guys, at least that were being demonstrated to me over and over..

    I believe my mind is still open and would like to support but not until I feel that I am doing the right thing, I will not support you.

  • No matter your personal or religious feelings on gay marriage, it’s wrong to take away basic rights from a group of citizens. Don’t you see what a dangerous precedent this sets? Who will be next? Do you want to go back to the days of the Chinese Exclusion Laws? Prohibit intercultural marriage? Where does it end?

    Religion and the State are separate for a reason. These are choices for the individuals involved to make, and not something we can make laws about. Everyone should have the right to have their own family, whoever the members of that family are. Intolerance is an evil thing, especially among Christians.

    And, in case you are about to ask, I am a heterosexual Christian woman, who thinks we should worry more about the beam in our own eyes.