“The Boat” cleared to return to its home port

Most press releases that make thier way to my inbox, find their way to the round file. But not this one. It’s time to celebrate in the SGV, because “The Boat” is coming back:


San Gabriel, CA, Nov. 6, 2008 – Look for the new, expanded Clearman’s
Galley on Rosemead Boulevard in San Gabriel just south of its popular sister
restaurant, The Northwoods Inn, to open the first week of December.

The Galley’s new incarnation has doubled to 8,500 square
feet and will accommodate nearly 300 diners. The enlarged outside patio
will seat up to 90 guests. An expanded full bar with seating for nearly 30
guests will offer a complete choice of libations, including nearly two dozen beer

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  • jACK tHE kNIFE

    Wow, Cant wait for it to dock ! I remember standing at that corner watching the Olympic torch go by for LA Olympics .

  • Is the game easy to learn how to play?
    Yes. We strive to make all of our games easy to learn how to play, yet difficult to master.
    Is Blizzard aware of some of the game play problems that have been prevalent in other MMORPGs?
    Yes. Blizzard employees are gamers first and foremost, and we have played more than our fair share of existing massively multiplayer games. We tend to agree with MMORPG gamers on the strengths and weaknesses of the genre to date. We have striven to advance the genre with World of Warcraft by building on the positives already established in the genre and eliminating as many of the negatives as possible. We think we’ve done a successful job, but we hope you will try the game to see for yourself.
    How do you prevent camping and kill stealing?
    There are several things that have been implemented to limit this problem. First, there is “tapping.” If you damage a monster first, you have thereby “tapped” it and thus only you and your party will gain experience and loot from it, even if another player attacks and kills it. We also limit camping and kill-stealing issues by “instancing” certain areas of the game. No other players, unless they are part of your group, can enter your instance.
    How do you prevent camping and kill stealing in non-instanced areas?
    Competition over rare item drops and quest items is the primary cause of camping and kill stealing. In World of Warcraft, many rare item drops are not exclusive to any one creature. Several creatures will have a chance of dropping the same item. If the required item is a quest item, the player can join a group of other players on the same quest. Every player on the quest will receive a copy of the quest item from the monster or location where it was found.
    Are there other things to do besides leveling?
    There is a huge variety of things to do to keep players from feeling like they just have to grind through one creature battle after another. Characters can craft items, fight in vast battles against other players, and explore distant lands. Even when players do fight monsters, it will often be as part of a quest, or in search of special ingredients for their crafts.
    Is there a party system for group adventuring?
    Yes. buy WOW Gold
    How large is the party size for players?
    The maximum number for a party is five players, and the game is generally balanced for groups of five. Smaller groups can still be quite successful, and regardless of the group’s size, everyone in the group can make important contributions. You can also create larger groups of players, which are called raid groups.
    Are there ways to gain experience in the game besides fighting?
    Yes, there are ways to gain experience other than by fighting. You can gain substantial experience from doing quests. Exploring is another example of how you can gain experience; a character can receive experience by simply journeying to areas where your character has yet to explore.
    How does group experience work?
    All players in a group share experience for a kill. However, to offset the lesser experience that comes from grouping, all players in the group also get a group xp bonus depending on the number of players in the group. You gain more experience for kills if you group with players closer to your level, while you gain less if you group with players more than a few levels higher than you.

    Is there a way to finish World of Warcraft? How long can I play?
    There are thousands of hours of game play in the game (and even more in The Burning Crusade), and nearly infinite goals for players. Because our live team is regularly adding new quests, creatures, and items, the game will never truly end.