Biker gang clash in No Cal leaves one man seriously injured *

Thanks to a nice email tip, my attention was drawn to the Eureka Times-Standard, which details a bar shooting in Old Town Eureka that left a man wounded. Eureka’s police chief told the paper that the shooting stemmed from a clash between Hells Angels and Mongols bikers.

(My question is, how did they know they were Mongols since the Mongols are forbidden from wearing their logo?)
Anyway here’s a link to the story and an excerpt or two:

A Merced man was seriously wounded after he was shot outside The Shanty in Eureka late Friday night, and four men were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder shortly afterward.

Robert Daniel Thompson, 43, of Merced was found lying in the intersection of Third and C streets, bleeding from several gunshot wounds, when police arrived at about 11:10 p.m. About five minutes later, officers stopped a vehicle at Watson and D streets and arrested four men believed to be involved in the shooting.


Eureka Police Chief Garr Nielsen said earlier Saturday that the shooting may have stemmed from the longtime battle between the Hell’s Angels and Mongols motorcycle gangs, but detectives have not been able to confirm that.

*Who doesn’t love Google magic?

Turns out the victim in this case might be a Hell’s Angel who is a registered sex offender and a onetime suspect in a 20-year-old double homicide.

Here’s a couple of links of interest:
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  • #1) Mongrol was probably tattooed on their foreheads and they smelled real bad.

    #2) ‘Google’ the poor wounded victim.

    #3) Someone’s a poor shot!