From Diamond Bar to Flint and back to the Philippines

A Flint, Michigan doctor and his wife who skipped a 1997 immigration hearing after getting bad advice from a Southern California attorney, were deported back to the Philippines on Halloween, according to an article on

The doctor’s mother is a Diamond Bar resident, according to the story:

For 15 years, the Jotas embodied the hopes of immigrants looking to the United States for a better life.

He had a thriving medical practice in Flint, a $350,000 house in the suburbs and four beautiful children born into U.S. citizenship.

But the life disappeared on Halloween.

On a night when the family should have been trick-or-treating, Jose and Celina Jota were deported to the Philippines for skipping a court hearing a decade ago.

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  • Kim in the heights

    Let’s round up all tax paying, hard working, white collar illegal immigrants… heaven knows that they are the ones contributing to all the crime out there, right? Seriously, it is time for policy makers to wake UP!

  • Dan In Rosemead

    The Jotas “did not deserve” to have this happen to them!
    The attorney who allegedly gave them the bad advice which resulted in this deportation should be disbarred and sued for legal malpractice!!
    Why doesn’t the INS go after the illegals who deserve to be deported???