That’ll teach me

I take a day off, and the crime scene exploded in the San Gabriel Valley.

Officer involved shootings in West Covina, a rash of violence in northwest Pasadena, Jan Williams’ opportunity to hear what happened to her son and grandchildren passes in a couple of hours.

Firefighters are still mopping up in Diamond Bar and another truck tipped over on the overpass from the northbound 605 to the eastbound 10.

Whew. Did I leave anything out?

Oh yeah.

There’s this story about Temple City High School football coach, who was relieved from duty. (Don’t forget he had a connection to the Deandre Netter case)

And another domestic, where the wife stabs her husband.



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  • I didn’t think Clark Kent aka Superman ever took a day off.
    Dose of Kryptonite?

  • Responsible Journalism

    I’d love to hear what the connection is between the Netter case and Randy Bachus. Oh wait, there isn’t one. Netter was a student and Bachus is a teacher at TCHS. Past that….nothing.

    Seriously, did you even think before writing this?