Leftovers from City Hall

Sounds like a mash-up between Crime Scene and Leftovers.

Mayor Ernie Gutierrez of El Monte found himself in a bit of trouble Wednesday. He was arrested and held by cops in his own city on suspicion of spousal abuse.

The story has angered several residents of El Monte, who believe Gutierrez received some sort of special treatment when the DAs office decided not to prosecute after a day long investigation.

Here’s the bulk of the story. We report. You decide:

EL MONTE – Ernie Gutierrez, the mayor of El Monte, was arrested early Tuesday on suspicion of domestic violence and detained for most of the day, police said.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office refused to bring charges against Gutierrez, whose term expires in 2009, El Monte police Chief Ken Weldon said.

Gutierrez did not comment on the incident.

Police did not identify the victim, or indicate how they received the complaint.

Gutierrez was held by police while the District Attorney’s Office reviewed the case. He was released when officials determined there was insufficient evidence to charge him.

Gutierrez was arrested about 2:15a.m. and was booked at L.A. County Jail, according to El Monte police Lt. Robert Roach.

“There was not enough evidence to move forward,” Weldon said. “We continue to fully support our mayor.”

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