FBI releases photo of Pasadena bank bandit

20049-PASADENA BANK BANDIT 11-21-08-thumb-300x411.jpg

The FBI has released a surveillance photo of a robber who struck a Pasadena Washington Mutual branch, 860 E. Colorado Blvd., on Friday, Nov. 21, 2008.

As you can see, the picture quality leaves quite a bit to the imagination, but it’s something. It appears we’re either looking for a man with a fake beard or a member of ZZ Top.

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  • Once again….. Billions of taxpayer money to bail out banks and this is the best photo / security measure they can come up with?, I want my money back!
    If this is the “Wamu Bandito” with cheap fuzz he’ll be hitting again this week in SGV with his partners.
    What did the teller say “Welcome to Wamu”…. Duh!

  • mike

    Nothing ever changes; Chase (taxpayers) took over WAMU, today 6-12-09, Chase Bank Seattle Washington got robbed the FOURTH time by the same dude, they don’t care us taxpayers make up the loss.