Property crime rises during holidays

Local law enforcement officials are reporting property crimes are on the rise, as is common for the holiday season. The trend was evidenced by a series of car burglar arrests made in the San Gabriel Valley on Thursday and Friday alone.  Here’s an excerpt from a story running in Saturday’s Tribune on the issue:

Not only are the holidays a busy time for shopping and travel, but it’s also a busy season for burglars and thieves, authorities warn.
Law enforcement agencies found themselves just as busy Thursday and Friday, as they made a series of burglary arrests around the San Gabriel Valley.
It’s Christmas for criminals, too, officials explained, and thieves seem to prefer to do their shopping from out of someone else’s car.
Car break-ins are especially common this time of year, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Kevin Walk said.
Significant burglary arrests were made Thursday and Friday in Industry, Covina and Alhambra, officials said.
To car burglars, the rush of holiday shopping presents an opportunity, Walk said.
“(Thieves) watch cars in the parking lot. People drop their presents in the car and shop,” he said.
During the holiday shopping season, he added, when lines at retailers are long, “they know people are going to be inside for a while.”
Walk said a good way to avoid being a victim this holiday season is to be aware of your surroundings. He also said not to leave items in your vehicle as you shop.
“If you’re at a mall or something like that, maybe have the store hold your items until you’re ready to leave,” the sergeant said.
He also advises dropping items off at home in between shopping trips, and said to never leave valuables in the car in plain sight. Purse snatchings are also common around the holidays, Walk said.

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