FBI seeks “Sport Bike Bandit(s)”

20261-sport_bike_bandit_01-thumb-300x238.jpgThe FBI announced earlier this month they are seeking a serial bank bandit or team of bandits believed to have carried out a violent take-over robberies in Long Beach and a failed heist in Pasadena.
The so-called Sport Bike Bandit, or possibly bandits, earned his moniker by wearing a motorcycle helmet during the crimes and using a sport bike to flee.
By all accounts, this robber or team of robbers is a particularly nasty one.
In Pasadena, a helmet-clad man entered the Bank of America, 880 E. Colorado Blvd., on Sept. 12, police and FBI officials said.
He used profanity and ordered witnesses to the floor at gunpoint, officials said.
A female employee failed to obey the robbers commands, and the robber leaped over the counter toward her before a co-worker grabbed her and pulled her to the floor, Pasadena police officials said.
Possibly because of the distraction, the robber fled empty-handed, police and FBI officials said.
Successful robberies were reported at Long Beach banks on July 25 and Oct. 28, according to the FBI.
In the first heist, a robber wearing a motorcycle helmet and possibly wielding two handguns threatened people inside the bank before fleeing with the cash on a motorcycle with the letter “J” in the license plate, FBI officials said.
In the more recent Long Beach robbery, the robber was described as nervous and did not take over the bank, but rather targeted a single teller, FBI officials said.
In all cases, the robber was described as a man of medium build wearing a black motorcycle helmet and either black or blue jackets.
Anyone with information is asked to call the FBI’s 24-hour tip line at (888) 226-8443.


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  • fred c dobbs

    NOTE above bandit captured during bank robbery and shooting, long beach ca,3-5-10, 3 shot including bandit…