Shots fired in Arcadia

This incident is apparently unfolding in Arcadia, according to the folks at CA Breaking News:

*Robbery* 263 W Palm, Arcadia; Caller stating inside their residence 4 male

Hispanics robbing residence, PD out with 2 at gun point to front of

residence, 1 Caller is inside closet stating he heard 1 shot fired by
suspects and his friend screaming, Multiple units from Arcadia and MonroviaPD onscene, Possibly 2 more suspects inside residence; 507.0625@2022 CABN01


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13 thoughts on “Shots fired in Arcadia

  1. Dispatch called T-Mobile and T-Mobile said that cell phone hasn’t been used since October.. Sgt from APD just talked to a Officer and said situation keeps getting weirder and weirder… They just made PA calls and all the lights inside turned off and they saw some movement. Possibly going to a barricaded subject situation..

  2. Dispatch called T-Mobile which is the callers cell phone company, and T-Mobile said the cell phone hasn’t been used since October… The Sgt onscene leading everyone just said the Incident keeps getting weirder and weirder. They are making PA calls right now and all the lights just turned off with some movement inside. Possibly going to a barricaded subject situation.

  3. PD said they were Asian but im not confirming anything…..

    Units code 4 on the Arcadia “Robbery”…. No suspects were found, Just 5 non English speaking Asians and 1 dog.. PD believes there were no suspects at all…. Pretty confusing to me, and im sure all the officers onscene.

  4. Hmmmmm… Cell phone call means no 911-trace address. Wonder if it was 236 East…. or maybe 236 W. in Monrovia… next town over, a visitor could be confused.

  5. PD Dispatch does their best for tracking cell phones… Some cell phone companies give more info than others when callers call in, but I know for at least APD Dispatch it will say the cell towers where it bounced off of, and usually gives a pretty good area/location of where the caller actually is.. My source is I have been in Dispatch Centers many times…

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