Shots fired call turns into prostitution bust

Last night I blogged about Arcadia police responding to a shots fired call. Turns out the call may have come from an angry john, who got ripped off in a house of ill repute. Here’s what cops are saying now:

ARCADIA — A man and woman were charged with operating a house of prostitution in Arcadia Wednesday night, authorities said.
Gracie Gao, 57, of Arcadia and a man, whose name has not been released, were both arrested and charged with operating a house of prostitution — a misdemeanor, according to Arcadia police Lt. Paul Foley.
They were both released Thursday morning on $500 bail, Foley said.
Units from both the Monrovia and Arcadia police departments responded to an initial report at 8:09 p.m. Wednesday night that there was a robbery in progress and shots had been fired at the 200 block of Palm Avenue in Arcadia, Foley said.

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1 thought on “Shots fired call turns into prostitution bust

  1. They need to stop all these whore house there are so many. I lived in Temple City for 2 years on Sultana and right across the street from my home there was a whore house, but of course they never get shut down because half of the men going in there were Temple City Sheriff Deputies. We moved out of there and moved to Arcadia same thing. The city needs to grab a hold of there BALLS and stop being Perverted Horn Dogs and shut these places down.

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