Adam Walsh case closed

The 1981 abduction of Adam Walsh from a south Florida shopping mall, spurred his father John Walsh to create the America’s Most Wanted television program for Fox.

The case was closed by detectives this morning who believe little Adam was killed by Ottis Toole, a Florida drifter who died in prison in 1996.

From the ABC News story:

… Police had built a strong circumstantial case against Toole, long suspected of the murder, adding if “Ottis Toole were alive today, he would be charged with Adam Walsh’s murder.”

The murder tranformed John Walsh’s life, turning him from a middle-class hotel marketing executive into one of country’s best known advocates for missing children.

Here’s a portion of the statement from the Walsh family:

“It has been more than 27 years since our son Adam was abducted from a Hollywood, Fla. mall, then murdered. . . . Despite an ongoing, 27-year investigation, our son’s murder case has remained open — until now.”



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One thought on “Adam Walsh case closed

  1. My name is Willis Morgan. I am one of the original witnesses to the Adam Walsh case. On December 16,2008 The Hollywood Police Department Closed the Adam Walsh Case and apologized to the Walsh Family for their past mistakes Instead of clearing up past blemishes, the Hollywood Police have created their worst blemish to date! I was at that meeting. The Hollywood Police have deliberately mislead the Walsh family in order to close this case. As far as I am concerned the Walsh family have suffered two tragedies. One by Jeffrey Dahmer and one By the Hollywood Police Department! WHAT THEY DID YESTERDAY IS ABOMINABLE!
    Willis Morgan

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