Death Row to lose funding

This comes from the list of projects that will lose funding thanks to a 3-0 vote Wednesday by the state’s Pooled Money Investment Board:

CDCR San Quentin: Condemned Inmate Complex … In design, suspension would lead to

project delays.

Here’s a summary of the renovation proposal from the Washington Post

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  • Lady Vengeance

    Oh boo hoo…death row is losing funding. We don’t need to expand death row OR move it. Lethal injections on all those scumbags would save California a hell of a lot of tax dollars each year.

    With our budget and deficit out of control, what the hell are we doing wasting money by housing, clothing, feeding, and tending to the medical needs of these locked up bastards? Time for a needle cocktail already. Not just in California, but across the nation. Imagine the cost savings per year if everyone on death row was actually put to death?

    Might sound harsh, but it sure makes fiscal sense. And it would alleviate the suffering of many a victims’ families.