Is it safe to walk in Old Pasadena?

You would think that in the weeks leading up to the Tournament of Roses parade that Pasadena PD would have a better handle on the streets of Old Pasadena. Apparently not.

Last year about this time there was a shooting after a drug deal went bad.

Last night a guy was reportedly stabbed by a panhandler.

So here’s the Crime Scene question of the day …

Is Old Pasadena safe?


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  • Lady Vengeance

    Old Pasadena is just as safe (or unsafe) as any other area, and random acts of violence occur all the time no matter where you are. People are desperate in these trying economic times–even panhandlers, who annoy the hell out of me–and as such, we’re seeing a huge rise in depression, violent crime and petty theft.

  • Angel Bec

    I agree with Lady V. I work in retail the incidences of shoplifting have risen dramatically. People are desperate.

  • Tim K.

    Old Pasadena is worse for robbery because of the number of people who have money who visit.

    The corner that this occurred on is not the brightest corner – Pasadena Ave is right next to the 210 freeway terminus.

    My advice would be to avoid any of the side streets off of Colorado Blvd – I’ve seen a lot more people walking this area checking for new victims.

  • Dude

    Lady V no offense but your answer was somewhat adequate. It’s a simple question that was asked an you reply it’s like other citys. Well obviously! The person is looking for an articulated answer that didn’t take half a second to come up with. In regards to the economy I 100% agree with you. But yet you didn’t answer the question. To answer the question about Pasadena. It is not too safe due to nearby city LA. This causes a flux in crime. Gangs, shootings, stabbing, mugging ect. Be careful ,pay attention, and don’t walk alone if your a female. During the day for the most part I think your fine but still be aware of your surroundings.