Cops crack down on rock concerts


Those planning to attend a concert at the Great Western Forum in the near future are advised to be on their best behavior, as Inglewood police are apparently in the middle of a crackdown aimed at curbing illegal activities at concerts, as City News Service reports below:

INGLEWOOD — More than 60 people were cited for possession of marijuana, underage possession of alcohol, supplying alcohol to minors or drinking off premises before and during recent concerts at the Forum, police said today.
Inglewood police and California Alcoholic Beverage Control investigators stepped up enforcement and issued the citations during AC/DC and Metallica concerts held at the Forum on Dec. 6 and last Wednesday and Thursday.
“The Inglewood Police Department is committed to providing the community and Forum patrons with a safe and family-like environment,” said Inglewood police Sgt. Robert B. Pessis.
ABC has been conducting enforcement operations statewide to try to reduce drinking by minors, officials said. More than half of those ticketed at the Forum were minors with alcohol.
“Alcohol is still the number one drug of choice among high-school-age youth and we have


to do everything we can to prevent tragedies that often accompany underage drinking,” said ABC Assistant Director Joseph Cruz.
Last year 188 people under the age of 21 died in alcohol-related crashes in California, according to ABC.

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